Monday, 25 July 2016


Revenant is probably the best movie that survival has ever released starring the amazing Leonardo DiCaprio!
The movie is based on true events and plays the decade of 1820, where we see the Hugh Glass and his team to trade skins and trying to find his way back to the then uncharted America.
But when the Glass mortally wounded and betrayed by his colleague John Fitzgerald him too for dead, the Glass all alone will face the worst enemy, his nature. 
Cold, hunger, hostile tribes and other unexpected waiting in Glass, on a trip with the main ally of the will to live and his mania for revenge against the Fitzgerald.
In this here movie to the survival does not look like a breeze.
Things look like completely true and the scenes are realistic and presents hardness on the amazing DiCaprio set to really do feel the pain and suffering that passes the character embodied!
It is worth to really see !!!

Rafaela Zioti

Monday, 11 July 2016

Portugal winner of Euro 2016

Portugal from the evening of Sunday 10 July is on top of Europe after having managed to impress and win the EURO 2016.
The team of Fernando Santos, the man with so much kindness and humility who all remember the Greeks, gave to Portugal first time in the history of a EURO and without their big star Cristiano Ronaldo, who after having departed injured and 25' was applauded from all over the pitch.
Scorer of the goal that led the Iberians to the top of Europe against the hosts France was the change of use, ENDER, which with an impossible shot the ball in nets writing 1- 0 !!!

Rafaela Zioti