Monday, 29 February 2016

Austin Mahone

The Austin Mahone was born on April 4, 1996 in San Antonio, Texas and attended the school Lady Bird Jonshon high school.
He is an only child and lost his father when he was still a half years. He began his career by uploading videos on YouTube with his friend Alex Contacio in July 2010.
In October 2011 uploaded a video on YouTube in which he sang the Mistatoe of Justin Bieber. 2012 was an important year for Austin. In February 2012 released his first single titled "11:11".
In June of the same year the Austin released his first album entitled "Extended Play".
In Japan the iTunes Austin Mahone released his second song "Say something".
This song officially released on August 30.
November became Teen Ambassador for the clothing line Lil Wayne Trukfit. ads had turned to the McDonald's and the Hot Nuts. In 2013 he received the MTV Artist to Watch Tour prize and opened the concerts of the tour of RED Taylor Swift.

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Dimitra vidali

Friday, 26 February 2016

The Intouchables (2011)

A quadriplegic aristocrat hires a young assistant Africanus the Parisian suburbs, who will change his life in a completely unexpected way.
Gentle, human film, which never loses the sight of the viewer with imaginative and entertaining solutions.
The spirit of clear and pure, and the conclusion of optimistic and understandable for everyone!

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Rafaela Zioti

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Le diner de cons (1998)

A cynical and snobbish publisher invites a poor guy in a "The Dinner Game" organized by his friends.

When he settled for a few hours at home first will prove to be a true catastrophe machine.

Into a film!

Fun and unrepeatable jokes!

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Rafaela Zioti

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

This film is like no other film of its kind.
Monitors the indifferent and boring life stuck in a time small provincial city through the daily routine of the biggest nerd.
Napoleon is unique and innovative, indifferent to the profile and the opinion of others, does not try to be liked, not asking for recognition or pity, it is okay with himself and always makes it likes.
One of the biggest hits! You'll love it!

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Rafaela Zioti

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

SUPERBAD ( 2007 )‏

Two boys, friends and classmates in the last year of high school, undertake to supply the drinks at a party.

The problems, however, already starting from the false identity to obtain.

Adolescent, super film that is not afraid to confront the clichés, separating the incomparable funny mood and whiz dialogue from other films of its kind.

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Rafaela Zioti

Monday, 22 February 2016


American singer and actress, with a long and successful career in the world of entertainment, with sales of more than 150 million discs.
He is described as the most important American singer of the 20th century.
For fans still the "Voice".
Large hits the songs:
"Strangers in the Night"
"My Way"
"That's Life"
"Fly me to the Moon"
"Theme from New York New York"

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Rafaela Zioti

Friday, 19 February 2016

Pantelis Pantelidis

Nobody knows the future of... for amount will be someone in life... Neither the Pantelidis did not know the fate of... left as unfairly the popular singer at the age of 32 year old today in the morning. .. There are no words...
Coudolences to the family of... Good  paradise our angel! Be coming up there.... we love you and I will not forget. .. Never
19 - 2 - 2016

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Eirini Intzirtzi

Thursday, 18 February 2016

All of me-John Legend

John Roger Stephens born December 28, 1978 better known by his stage name John Legend, is an American singer, songwriter and actor.
He has won ten Grammy Awards, one Golden Globe and one Academy Award.
In 2007, Legend received the Hal David Starlight Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame.
He won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2015 for writing the song "Glory " from the film Selma.

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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Grammys 2016

The album of the year at Taylor Swift!!!
In the 58th award in Straples Center in Los Angeles on Monday night, the 26 year old singer celebrated the coveted "Album of the Year"!!!
The Taylor Swift after winning addressed to young women and advised to make focus on their job and not leave anyone to disorient them.
She won the best album prize twice!!!
A superstar who is our delight!!!

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Rafaela Zioti

Tuesday, 16 February 2016


The great playwright and journalist Iakovos Kampanellis born on December 3, 1922.
During the Occupation, he was involved in the resistance, but in 1943 was arrested by the Germans and taken to the Mauthausen concentration camp where he was held until May 5, 1945 when it was liberated by the allied forces.
From this experience he wrote the famous narrative work "Mauthausen" which was based on the title song cycle by Mikis Theodorakis.
Projects of Iakovos kampanellis uploaded abroad repeatedly and is universally considered the founder of postwar Greek drama.

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Rafaela Zioti

Monday, 15 February 2016

Top 10

-Lukas Graham -7years
-Zayn- pillow talk
-Jonas blue, Dakota- fast car
- Rihanna ft. Drake -work
-Shawn Mendez -stitches
-Justin Bieber -love yourself
-Little mix ft. Jason Derulo-secret love song
-Justin Bieber -sorry
-Snakehips ft. Tinashe & Change- All my friends
-One direction- history 
Dimitra Vidali

Friday, 12 February 2016


A hilarious story that will steal your heart and will show you that the power of true friendship knows no bounds.
Greg is a cranky teen trying to survive the ordeal called school.
But when his mother forced him to spend time with a patient his classmate, Greg decides to connect with others in ways that had not ever imagined.

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Rafaela Zioti

Wednesday, 10 February 2016


The orphaned Harry Potter learns in 11 years birthday that he is the son of two important magicians and comes to study in a school of magic where unwittingly comes again confronted by the evil wizard who killed his parents.
Wonderful film that makes literally stuck!


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Tuesday, 9 February 2016


The Janoskians (Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation, as means and their name) are You tubers from Melbourne in Australia, who live in Los Angeles.
The group consists of five boys: Beau Peter Brooks, Luke Anthony Mark Brooks, Jaidon Dominic Matthew Brooks, Daniel John Richard Sahyounie, James Anthony Yammouni.
One of the most basic features that unites them is the fact that all five of them had been victims of bulling in their childhood.
Their video, made them extremely popular You tubers in the world, since until today have reached the 2 million subscribers.

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Dimitra vidali

Monday, 8 February 2016

Rowan Atkinson

The Rowan Atkinson was born on January 6, 1955 in England.
He studied electrical -michanologos while at Oxford he met later close friend and screenwriter Richard Curtis.
Was impressed with the look of the satirical Not the nine o 'clock news, a series won many awards, among others, an Emmy, a Silver Rose of Montreux Award followed, a platinum and a gold album, quite a few bestsellers in British bookstore while Atkinson won the title personality of the Year for the BBC.
In 1989 arises the video Mr Bean yielding of the highest viewing figures for the decade of 90.
About 18.5 million viewers only in the Old Albion and the series sold in over 200 countries.
The movie Bean - The Ultimate Disaster Movie was great commercial success and after Four Weddings and a Funeral is the most successful British film worldwide.

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Rafaela Zioti

Saturday, 6 February 2016


Flo Rida -my house
Twenty one pilots -stressed out
Justin Bieber- love your self
Chase Rise- whisper
Adele- hello
Charlie Puth -one call away
The Chainsmokers- roses
Selena Gomez -hands to myself
Justin Bieber -sorry
Adele- when we were young 
Dimitra Vidali


7/2 Ashton Katcher
10/2 Emma Roberts
11/2 Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Laugher,Kelly Rowland
13/2 Robbie Williams 
Dimitra Vidali

Friday, 5 February 2016


Shakespeare finds his muse that will inspire him to write "Romeo and Juliet" in the face of an aristocrat, ignoring that participates in the troupe of disguised man.
Marvelous performances all "troupe".
He received seven Oscar and three Golden Globes.
It is a film that glorifies our minds!

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Rafaela Zioti

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Interview with Pantelis Voulgaris

Είμαι η Ραφαέλα Ζιώτη και νοιώθω πολύ τυχερή, κύριε Βούλγαρη που συνομιλώ μαζί σας! Η συντακτική μου ομάδα και εγώ θελήσαμε να σας ανακαλύψουμε για να κατανοήσουμε πως είναι να ταυτίζει κάποιος την ζωή του με την τέχνη.Να νοιώσουμε την προσωπικότητά σας και να μάθουμε ιστορία.

1. Σε ποια ηλικία αποφασίσατε να ασχοληθείτε με τη σκηνοθεσία? Ήταν το όνειρό σας από μικρός?
   Η αγάπη μου για την τέχνη του κινηματογράφου θυμάμαι ότι ξεκίνησε από τις τελευταίες τάξεις του Γυμνασίου (σημερινού Λυκείου).
Τότε ακόμα δεν υπήρχε τηλεόραση στην Ελλάδα, έτσι η οθόνη του κινηματογράφου (χειμερινού ή θερινού) ήταν αυτή που μας μάγευε. Βέβαια δεν είχα ιδέα τι σημαίνει σκηνοθεσία απλά ονειρευόμουνα κάπως να βρεθώ μέσα σε μια ομάδα ηθοποιών και κινηματογραφιστών και να καταφέρω να διηγηθώ με εικόνες μια ιστορία. Κατάφερα να ξεκινήσω  τη μαθητεία μου για την τέχνη του σινεμά, σπουδάζοντας στη μοναδική σχολή κινηματογράφου (σχολή Σταυράκου)αρχικά για λίγους μήνες αλλά ουσιαστικά έμαθα τα προβλήματα αυτής της τέχνης στη Φίνος Φιλμ δουλεύοντας για τέσσερα χρόνια σαν βοηθός σκηνοθέτης. 

2. Ποια είναι η αγαπημένη σας ταινία από αυτές που έχετε σκηνοθετήσει?
Είναι φυσική αδυναμία να έχω για τις πρώτες προσπάθειές μου. Οι δυό μικρού μήκους « ο κλέφτης» και  ο «Τζίμης ο τίγρης» αλλά και η πρώτη μεγάλου μήκους ταινία «το προξενιό της Άννας», είναι οι αφορμές για να δείξω ότι κατι μπορώ να καταφέρω στο σινεμά. Διηγήθηκα τις ιστορίες μου και βρέθηκα να συνεργάζομαι με ταλαντούχους ανθρώπους του σινεμά.

3. Ποια ταινία θα θέλατε να είχατε σκηνοθετήσει και δεν καταφέρατε να το πραγματοποιήσετε?
 Οι δώδεκα ταινίες μεγάλου μήκους που κατάφερα να γυρίσω ήταν ταινίες που πάντα ήθελα να τις πραγματοποιήσω. Δεν θυμάμαι να με απασχόλησε κάποια ιστορία και να μην τη γύρισα.

4. Πώς προέκυψε η ιδέα να γυριστεί ταινία το βιβλίο "Μικρά Αγγλία" της κυρίας Καρυστιάνη?
  Η ιστορία της Μικράς Αγγλίας βρέθηκεκαι νωρίτερα μέσα στις επιθυμίες για να την διηγηθώ στη μεγάλη οθόνη του σινεμά.Όμως πριν δυο χρόνια καταφέραμε η Ιωάννα κι εγώ να βρούμε τον ανθρωπο που γενναιόδωρα χρηματοδότησε την ταινία.Είναι γνωστό ότι ο κινηματογράφος είναι η πιο δαπανηρή τέχνη!
5. Ποιους ηθοποιούς ( είτε έχετε συνεργαστεί μαζί τους, είτε όχι ) θα προτείνατε στη δική μας γενιά να γνωρίσουν την πορεία τους?
Οι Έλληνες ηθοποιοί είναι άξιοι καλλιτέχνες και δημιουργοί. Η τέχνη στο σινεμά απαιτεί αφοσίωση, συγκέντρωση και φαντασία.
Δεν ειναι μόνο οι ηθοποιοί που συνεργάσθηκαν μαζί μου η αφορμή για να γνωρίσετε τον κόσμο των ελλήνων ηθοποιών. Συμβουλή μου, γνωρίστε τους έλληνες ηθοποιούς στο σινεμά αλλά και στο θέατρο. Είμαι περήφανος που είχα την εμπιστοσύνη των βετεράνων αλλά επίσης χαίρομαι που στις περισσότερες ταινίες μου έδωσα την ευκαιρία σε νέους ηθοποιούς να δείξουν στο κοινό τι αξίζουν.

6. Πείτε μας κάτι που θυμάστε έντονα ή σας έκανε εντύπωση στην ζωή σας?
    Δεν ξεχνώ την περιφάνεια στα μάτια του πατέρα μου πριν πολλά χρόνια στο φεστιβάλ κινηματογράφου στη Θεσσαλονίκη. Τον είδα να δακρύζει όταν κέρδισα το πρώτο μου βραβείο.

7. Πως ήταν η συνεργασία με ηθοποιούς όπως ο Θανάσης Βέγγος στην ταινία "Ψυχή Βαθιά"?
Ο Θανάσης Βέγγος αποτέλεσε για μένα τι σημαίνει ο άνθρωπος να παλεύει με τις δυσκολίες της ζωής. Εκτός από το τεράστιο ταλέντο του πρόσφερε τη ζωή του και την τέχνη του για όλο τον ελληνικό λαό που του ανταπόδωσε την αγάπη του.
Με τίμησε με τη συνεργασία του σε τρεις ταινίες μου «Ησυχες μέρες του Αυγούστου» , «Ολα είναι δρόμος», και «ψυχή βαθιά». Ακούραστος, γεμάτος ιδέες, με χιούμορ και ανθρωπιά με δίδαξε τι σημαίνει να αγαπάς τον διπλανό σου. 

Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ, κύριε Βούλγαρη, για τη γενναιοδωρία και την απλότητά σας τόσο σε μένα όσο και στα παιδιά της ηλικίας μου!
I am Rafaela Zioti and I feel very lucky, Mr Voulgaris that I converse with you! My editorial team and I, we wanted to discover you in order to comprehend how it is for someone to identify life with art. To feel your personality and learn history.

1. At what age did you decide to occupy with direction? Was that your dream since childhood?

·   I remember that my love for the art of filming has started since the last grade of High School (today’s Senior High School). Those days T.V didn’t exist yet in Greece, so it was the cinema screen (winter or summer) that charmed us. Although I didn’t have a clue about what direction is, I just dreamt of being somehow among a team of actors and filmmakers and be able to narrate a story in pictures. I managed to start my education for the art of cinema, studying in the only school of filmmaking that existed (Stavrakos’ School) for a few months in the beginning, but in the end I learned about the problems of this art in Finos Film where I worked for four years as an assistant director.

2. Which is your favourite film among those that you have directed?

·         It is a natural weakness to have for my first efforts. The two short films “The thief” and “Jimmy the tiger” but also the first feature film “Anna’s marriage of convenience” are the cause to show that there is something that I can do in cinema. I narrated my stories and found myself cooperating with talented people of cinema.

3. Which film would you like to have directed but you didn’t manage to accomplish?

·    The twelve feature films that I managed to film were those that I have always wanted. I don’t remember thinking about a film and not filming it.

4. How did the idea of filming Ms. Karistiani’s book “Little England” arise? 

·         The narration in cinema screen of the story of “Little England” was in my early desires, but it was two years ago that Ioanna and me managed to find the man who generously funded the film. It is well known that the cinema is the most expensive art.

5. Which actors (either you have cooperated with them or not) would you recommend for our generation to get to know their progress?

·         The Greek actors are admirable artists and creators. The art of cinema demands devotion, concentration and imagination. The actors who cooperated with me were not the only reason for you to get to know the world of Greek actors. My advice: get to know the Greek actors in cinema and theatre. I am proud of having the veteran’s trust but I am also glad that I gave the opportunity to new actors to show to the audience what they are worth of.

6. Tell us something you intensely remember or impressed you in your life.

·         I can’t forget the pride in my father’s eyes many years ago in the film festival in Thessaloniki. I saw him weeping when I won my first award.

7. How was the cooperation with actors like Thanasis Veggos in the film “Deep Soul”?
·         Thanasis Veggos was an example for me of what it means for a man to struggle with the difficulties of life. Apart from his great talent, he offered his life and his art to the Greek people who recompensed him with love. He honoured me with his cooperation in three of my films “Calm days of August”, “Everything is road” and “Deep Soul”. Tireless, full of ideas, with humour and humanity, he taught me what it means to love your fellow.

Thank you very much, Mr Voulgaris, for your generosity and your simplicity, both towards me and towards people of my age too!