Monday, 29 February 2016

Austin Mahone

The Austin Mahone was born on April 4, 1996 in San Antonio, Texas and attended the school Lady Bird Jonshon high school.
He is an only child and lost his father when he was still a half years. He began his career by uploading videos on YouTube with his friend Alex Contacio in July 2010.
In October 2011 uploaded a video on YouTube in which he sang the Mistatoe of Justin Bieber. 2012 was an important year for Austin. In February 2012 released his first single titled "11:11".
In June of the same year the Austin released his first album entitled "Extended Play".
In Japan the iTunes Austin Mahone released his second song "Say something".
This song officially released on August 30.
November became Teen Ambassador for the clothing line Lil Wayne Trukfit. ads had turned to the McDonald's and the Hot Nuts. In 2013 he received the MTV Artist to Watch Tour prize and opened the concerts of the tour of RED Taylor Swift.

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