Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Saint Petersburg or St. Peter's is the second largest city and cultural capital of Russia.
It is built on a small group of islands, which are separated by natural and artificial channels and transport by bridges.
UNESCO has declared the whole center and many suburbs as a World Heritage Site.
The whole city called the "capital of the north" being a huge open exhibition of monumental, decorative and useful architecture, full of magnificent buildings with exceptional detail, gardens and parks, wide boulevards, bridges carved statues and monuments.
For this reason it is often called an open museum of Baroque and Neoclassicism. Town feature is the "white nights" in June.
The sky seems to be dark when the nights ones - a phenomenon caused by the position of St. Petersburg near the Arctic Circle.
The complex of Winter Palace is the most magnificent building.
There indeed housed the Hermitage, which is considered as the biggest and richest in the world!

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Rafaela Zioti

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