Thursday, 7 April 2016


One so powerful and unique animated film, captivating music, which drifted in the fantasy world of the improbable tale and complete love.
It unfolds in a realm with two sisters, Elsa and Anna.
Elsa was born with magical powers, a gift and a curse.
The ability to produce literally ice complicated things.
One night, while playing in the palace, Elsa unwittingly hit Anna in the head.
It was an event that was able to make them live isolated for "security" ...
But always the filter of fraternal love, although well kept, was possible within them.
Elsa, at 18, the day of the coronation, was unable to control its forces, lost his temper, which he carried alone for so many years and has frozen the kingdom and with the entire city, initially causing the discomfort and then the wrath of residents .
So the adventure begins, that marks the lives of all.
Emotions surpass themselves even as suspense grows, until the unexpected, shocking finale to the love potion succeeds - as a deus ex machina - to finally warm their hearts and of course the entire kingdom!

Research, Presentation
Rafaela Zioti

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