Friday, 11 March 2016

Traditional Maypole (ΠΑΡΑΔΟΣΙΑΚΟ ΓΑΊ΄ΤΑΝΑΚΙ)

The traditional maypole!
Listening only our word comes to mind our childhood and the traditional carnival games we played.
The traditional maypole is one of the few customs which preserves nowadays. He came to Greece from Pontus and Asia Minor.
The refugees who came after the persecution they experienced, and brought along their customs, heritage of their ancestors.
The word is a diminutive medieval phrase meaning silk cord.
The traditional maypole takes the 13 people dancing. The one holding the middle pole and the other holding midnight ribbons, each in a different color.
The dancers form six pairs and dance facing. Singing a traditional song, the ribbons are mixed and form a nice pattern.
After all come very close, then begin to dance in the opposite direction, the traditional maypole detangle and the dance ends.
Happy Carnival to all !!!!

Research, Presentation
Rafaela Zioti

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