Thursday, 30 June 2016

Giannis Ritsos

Giannis Ritsos was a great and prolific Greek poet of international importance, which belongs to the so-called generation of '30.
"Epitaphios,  Romiosyne, and Moonlight Sonata" is three of the most known works.
In 1975 he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature.
During the occupation Ritsos lived prostrate nonetheless participated in the activity of the Cultural Section of EAM and refused to accept money from fundraisers, when in danger the life of the hardship in 1942.
In 1945 writes the "Romiosini" still a popular poem of, who in 1966 set to music by Mikis Theodorakis.
During the Civil War he was exiled because of the left action.
In 1956 he traveled to the Soviet Union as a State representative intellectuals and journalists and the same year was awarded the State Prize for Poetry for "Moonlight Sonata".
When I read the great French poet and writer Louis Aragon (1897 - 1982) felt the "physical shock a genius" and stated that the creation is "the greatest of the poets of our life that are found in the life"
Rafaela Zioti

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