Monday, 26 October 2015

Letters to Juliet

Direction: Gary Winick

Starring: Amanda Seyfried,Gael Garcia Bernal,Vanessa Redgrave,Christopher Egan,Franco Nero

Scenario: Jose Rivera,Tim Sullivan

Production Time: 2010

Movie Type: Drama-Sentimental-Comedy

Duration: 105’

Case: A young American girl goes to Verona of Italy,with her fiance for his chores. City known for the romance of Romeo and Juliet.The girl becames member of a group as a volunteer who answers to letters,recipient as “Juliet” for those who askes for her advice in love issues.The young girl answers a letter written years ago and the sender is an old woman now,looking for the lost young love and travels in Italy.

The events to come brings the love to the lifes of those two women like they never had thought about.

The movie provokes you innocent feelings,romantic thoughts,because of the fairytale elements and the reality,without meesing the..

Drama and the Comedy 


          Rafaela Zioti


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