Thursday, 29 October 2015

The age of Adaline

Born in the early 20th century, the Antalain Bowman knew he never would be able to get a taste of the magic of the 21st century, until a near fatal car accident changed once and for all life.
The Antalain, in a seemingly magical moment, he manages to escape marginally from death and won eternal youth.
At the age of 29, the young woman stopped growing for the next almost eight decades. He lives a lonely life, trying to keep hidden the secret of which is known only by the elderly, anymore, daughter.
But a chance encounter with the charismatic Ellis Jones relives her passion for life and love and the first Antalain looks ready to share her life with someone.
When the secret is in danger during a weekend at the home of his parents, the Antalain takes a decision that will change her life forever.

Katerina Annisi 

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