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The clarinet is a wind instrument and in its present form appeared in the 19th century. The clarinet has a key position in the orchestra, and belongs to the woodwind. In Greece, where the name clarinet prevailed, but in many countries of the Balkans, is one of the key instruments of traditional music.
The clarinet was derived from earlier instruments. It is reported that the clarinet is the ancestor of the French wind instrument salymo, which gradually added a series of keys. Base station is the addition by the German Johann Christoph Ntenner key next to the back hole of the instrument.
Already from the beginning of the 19th century, the clarinet has found its place in the symphony orchestra. In 1839, the French Hyacinth Klose anedietaxe keys, bringing the clarinet in the form that is now generally known.
The timbre of the instrument depends crucially both his virtuosity musicians, and by the quality and the instrument material. The thickness of epiglossidiou that is used and this affects the complexion but mainly the ease of playing.

Nikoletta Strati 

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