Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Mug Pythagoras

Mug Pythagoras, the fair mug is a discovery of Pythagoras to drink in moderation its wine but also to serve the students of overstating the sense of measure and the limits. The idea of Pythagoras was simple, had to limit the greed to drink! How could it? Clay glass empties in a magical way when he who keeps proven..greedy and fill it more than you should. The mug there is engraved a line,. If the liquid containing no crosses line this, the drinker enjoys wine. But if the line exceeds the limit, then the cup is emptied and the wine is poured from the bas. Empties throughout the mug not only the excess.  But how is it that? In the center of the cup is a column positioned exactly over a pipe that leads to the bottom of. While the cup fills the wine and the level rises within the central column along the Pascal’s law to communicating the vessels. As the level of the wine does not exceed the line is engraved inside the cup “does not run anything”. But once the liquid exceeds the limit line then begins to flow through the inner tube from the base of the cup. Liquid molecules drag each other so magically mug emptied completely! Self beyond a simple application of hydraulics is a way Mr taught. When the limit exceeds not only lost those that have exceeded the limit but all the precedents that had been gained. Excellent we have to enjoy it in moderation, as the wine already have in our hearts. Drawing the maximum benefit without seeking more! 

Argyrw Papatheoharis

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